Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ferrari sets personal best in China (Autoweek)

Ferrari sold nearly 300 cars in China in 2010.Ferrari
Ferrari sold nearly 300 cars in China in 2010.
It was a solid year for Ferrari in the burgeoning Chinese car market in 2010, as the Italian dream maker racked up its most impressive sales in that country with a tally of 300 cars.
Sales were up almost 50 percent compared with 2009 results. With 10 current dealerships and the addition of some new business partners, Ferrari expects the added sales for Hong Kong and Taiwan will elevate the region to one of the company's top five international markets.
Additionally, to mark the occasion, Ferrari will have a celebration in Shanghai on Jan. 14 for the 999th client as a tribute to the Chinese superstition that the number nine is lucky and represents longevity.
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