Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Egyptian Chronicles - Ministry of Interior Fire

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The fire of MOI : Let the fire season begin !!

Suddenly we found a fire at the MOI HQ at Cairo , we did not
 know at first but the tweets coming from the scene described
 big smoke and fire. It seemed suspicious because fire in 
one of Egypt’s most and dangerous ministry in this 
critical time.

The official story now is that the angry fired police officers

 and agents have set fire in two or three cars in front of 
the famous building !! What a behavior , these were the 
men who should protect us !!

I hope this fire does not destroy important files in the 

building or important evidence considering the fact or 
the claim of Al Ahram that the fire is actually at the 
evidences building !!

We know that the fire seasons will start in Egypt as soon 

as the investigation in corruption and torture cases starts !!
 Already we remember how documents were being burned 
at the ERTU building !!

Here is the video of the fire you can watch after the 


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