Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011 – by Staff Report
Hundreds of Iraqis took to the streets on Friday to demonstrate against a lack of basic services, the latest in a series of protests that have swept the country as turmoil rocks other parts of the Arab world. Iraq has been slow to get back on its feet almost eight years after the US-led invasion. In Baghdad, hundreds of protesters marched under the watchful eye of the Iraqi Army to the heavily-fortified Green Zone calling for an improvement in basic services. – Indian Express

Dominant Social Theme: Let's ignore Iraq. It's a Democracy now. Nothing happening there. Good ...

Free-Market Analysis: Iraq is the forgotten war. Even amidst the chaos swirling around developing countries throughout the world, the Western mainstream media for the most part ignores Iraq. And perhaps one day – sooner rather than later – it will have its own re-revolution (see article excerpt above); not one to welcome in regulatory democracy (that's already being tried, and wretchedly) but an Islamic Shia revolution. The Shias are Persian Islamists and the Iranian theocratic state is Shia. Iraq is mostly Shia and any uprising would likely – eventually – result in a Shia theocracy.

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