Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fairouz threatens fans on Facebook

A warning has been posted on the official page of Lebanese diva Fairouz on the social internet website Facebook, which is operated by her daughter Reema Al Rahbani. The warning is to all the active members on the website requesting them that they will be deleted if they keep posting their political opinions regarding the current conditions of the region.

It has been noticed by the operators of the page that in light of the events that have been taking place in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries, members have been posting comments of a political nature either in support or against what is happening in the Arab world. The warning clearly states that regardless of the singer’s political opinions, her Facebook page is not a political dialogue page and will not be used as such. It was added that any comments that blemish the page will be deleted immediately.

On a different note, Fairouz will be taking part in this year’s Holland Music Festival. The participation will mark the first time Fairouz takes part in the festival, despite the numerous invitations she had received in the past.

Fairouz’s concert is scheduled to take part on June 26 and ticket prices range between 35 and 125 Euros. The low cost of tickets is so in order to give the chance to people of different social ranks to attend.


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