Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stoopid People and Their Revolutions (A Rebuttal)


Protests, Revolution and A Whole Lot of Stupid People

Reading this article today, Middle East Chaos: What To Learn And What To Expect, I couldn't help but think of all the banter I've witnessed, and often been a part of, on the various forums as of late. There seems to have developed several distinct camps on the issue of the protests and the whole idea of revolution here in the US.

Camp 1 is the original protesters. These are the people who took to the streets, etc, early on in the game - the ones who warned of protests before there were protests, then followed through with the protests they had threatened. They don't appear to talk of revolution, nor do they publicly declare support for right or left as part of their protests. Camp 1 took to the streets simply because they were wronged by bad legislation. They don't froth at the mouth spouting rhetoric they first heard on their favorite daytime talk radio show.

Camp 2, however, is composed of those with a liberal, thieving mindset. They believe wholeheartedly that NPR, the Democratic Underground, ObamaNation, etc, are all out for the American people's best interests. It's the camp where nothing but the ideologies of liberlalist, socialist leaders are being used as rallying cries among the people. These people are not actually protesting anything resembling the real issue themselves, but somehow believe they are playing a central role in some great "revolution" by simply frothing at the mouth about how tough teachers have it and how those "republicans" are such bad people. Engaging these people in meaningful dialogue is pointless as they truly believe that our government should spend this country into extinction in order to pay the way for "the children" and "the poor". These people don't realize that our founding fathers founded a Republic, not a Democracy, and somehow never understood the difference between the two.

Camp 3 is the "conservative" mindset where such people as the co-opted "tea partiers" and the avid Glen Beckers, along with the traditional Bushites and Limbaugh listeners, are lining up to do nothing but insult the Midwest protesters and those who support them, then declare their unbridled support for the Governor of Wisconsin. Their camp seems to knowingly dismiss the most glaring issues behind the "unrest", from the Koch Brothers support to the implied, thinly veiled threat of National Guard use, pointed out at the onset of the protests by even their own neo-con talking heads. They believe their camp is somehow more intelligent, and therefore important (and more powerful), than Camp 2, and they believe any talk of revolution is simply related to the stupidity of it. Somehow, they are incapable of seeing the fascist and socialist ideologies running their own political party of choice, and they, like Camp 2, are impossible to engage in meaningful dialogue because of this.


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