Wednesday, February 23, 2011

STRATFOR: Why Bahrain Matters (more than Libya)

Libya is spiraling out of control and dominating the media. But there's unrest in lesser-known places that is strategically more important. 

Bahrain intersects Iranian-Saudi competition and the possibility for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. If the situation in Bahrain gets out of hand, the U.S. could lose a base for its 5th Fleet; Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority could follow suit with their own protests; the Iranian-Saudi balance in the region would teeter heavily toward Iran...does this small country have your attention now? 

These are the nuances you won't learn flipping through TV channels showing angry protesters with cries for democracy. Subscribe today tounderstand what's really going on behind this wave of Middle East unrest - and how it affects nations around the globe. 


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