Saturday, February 12, 2011

WikiLeaks for the People (Gawker)

Anonymous Hackers Launch Wikileaks for Normal People

Last week, the loose-knit hacking collective Anonymous stole over 50,000 emails from security researcher Aaron Barr. Now they're launching the Wikileaks-style, to make it easy for anyone to browse Barr and his colleagues' private emails. Want to read the excruciating love letter a security company executive sent her husband?
Anonymous attacked Barr and his security company HBGary Federal on Sunday after he (wrongly) boasted to a reporter about having identified its "leaders." In just a few minutes, Anonymous broke into HBGary's computers, then posted an archive of HBGary corporate emails on The Pirate Bay. Already, the embarrassing revelations are flowing: emails indicated Barr was planning on meeting with the FBI to snitch on Anonymous members; a PowerPoint presentation showed HBGary was pitching a law firm employed by Bank of America with plans for a sleazy smear campaign against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. (It's largely believed Wikileaks is planning to release documents about Bank of America next.) HBGary is screwed: Former business partners are scampering away, and it's unlikely anyone will trust their computer security with them again.

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