Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$14.50/L or $55/gal gasoline - Germany - (CarScoop)

A petrol station in the town of Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany, skyrocketed the price of super gasoline to a 
prohibitive level of €9.99 per liter ($14.60) or $55 per gallon on Easter Monday, in an attempt to…prevent customers from buying the fuel. German news site ‘The Local’ reported that the Esso petrol station raised the price to €9.99 a liter as it was running low on the fuel amid a nationwide shortage.
Despite warning signs posted at the pumps, several clients fueled their cars and had a very, very unpleasant surprise at the cash register when they learned the amount of money they had to pay. One of them was asked to pay €209.98 ($307) for the 21 liters of super gasoline he put in his BMW, while another driver learned that she owed just under €200 ($292.5) for 20 liters of fuel!

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