Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ethiopian Wolves and their Relationship with Neighbours (Vimeo)

The Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis) is an endangered species of wolf endemic to the highlands of Ethiopia. Their total population fluctuates around 500 individuals which are spread across several sub-populations. The largest sub-population, about 250, is resident in Bale Mountains National Park south of Addis Ababa. The wolves in this video are from a less well known population in the central Ethiopian highlands (Menz region) from an area called the Guassa. This is one of the few areas of wolf and gelada monkey (Theropithecus gelada) overlap. Average altitude of their range is 3,500m (~11,500 ft) asl, so apologies for the heavy breathing... 

Video taken 2007-2008 while working as a research assistant studying a band of gelada monkeys.

Ethiopian Wolves from jtk on Vimeo.

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