Saturday, August 20, 2011

Industrialization Decline in Developed Nations (Macrobusiness via Naked Capitalism)

Innovate or die

I have been reliably informed by Houses & Holes that we are “all going to die”, and rather sooner than we all imagined. Something to do with the economic meltdown in Europe and America, I believe. While I have no reason to doubt such potent insight — after all, death is the best one way bet available — I think it could do with a little refining. What is dying is the industrial era in the developed world, a trend that is obscured by the fact that the developing world is industrialising at an accelerating pace. Australia is caught in the middle. It provides the raw materials to rapidly industrialising nations, but is itself entering a post-industrial era. So the nation both is, and is not, in a mess, buffeted by contrary forces.

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