Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Multi-Billion Affordable Housing Market (WorldHaus)

Introducing WorldHaus
To meet this growing demand, WorldHaus manufactures and builds customized, weatherproof homes that Indian families want and are willing to pay for. WorldHaus' modular building system allows families to build to any size and configuration they desire and include amenities like clean burning stoves, toilets, and solar electricity systems. WorldHaus' local manufacturing and construction model allows us to cut the cost of quality housing in half. A standard 20 square meter house can be built in less than a week by a local mason for around $1,500.
Sketch of a WorldHaus home
We are working with microfinance institutions and regional rural banks to make our homes available for monthly installments of $20, well within the reach of rural middle class families making between $3 and $10 a day.

We are also in the process of setting up partnerships with state governments, NGOs, and landlords to make the homes available to families making less than $2 a day through subsidies and rental housing programs.

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