Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black Swan Capital: Can you feel the wheezing (of the globe's economic engine)?

Let's assume for a moment the world's central bankers and governments were right to throw so much money into the market in order to stave off a global depression.  I of course would say much of the stimulus was simply to save the old order, i.e. the welfare state in Europe, which Mr. Obama seems desperate to emulate on this side of the pond.  But that's me.  But even someone who supports this "stimulus" must be worried when they look at the numbers. If they aren't afraid, they should be ... they should be (to paraphrase Yoda, the mini-Jedi Warrior of Star Wars fame).  

Based on the chart below, on a global basis, $0.89 cents for every $1.00 of "stimulus" is disappearing down the rabbit hole instead of going into the economy:

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