Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arctic Exploration and (New) Opportunity (Globe and Mail)

There have been a couple of recent stories related to hydrocarbon exploration in the Arctic.  AP released a video of some of the preparations and planning leading up to Shell's Kulluk Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) drilling plans for this summer.  I have had the good fortune and pleasasure of working with Shell's team on the re-mobiliztion of this drilling platform in 2005-07 from its resting place in McKinley Bay, NWT for 13 yrs.

As well, the Globe and Mail published this STORY with this GRAPHIC of the exploration interests and some recent findings in the Canadian Beaufort.  Much of the heightened becomes news when a land sale in announced - as it has been for this region HERE.  Chevron has their plans for marine seismic within EL460 this summer (HERE and HERE).  

As has been the case of the Drilling Guildeline review by the NEB for Canadian jurisdictions, the safety and emergency response for these activities needs to be highly reliable and unequivocally effective.

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