Sunday, March 3, 2013

Excerpts for China Spill story ~ Highly Challenged Realities and Complex Consequences

"The spill, which occurred on Dec. 31, affected at least 28 villages and a handful of cities of more than one million people, including Handan. Officials here were irate that their counterparts in Changzhi, where the polluting factory was located, had delayed reporting the spill for five days. For the past two months, Changzhi officials and executives at the company running the factory, Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group, have generally stayed silent, exacerbating anxiety over water quality. 
The conflict over the Changzhi spill has drawn attention to the growing problems with water use and pollution in northern China. The region, which has suffered from a drought for decades, is grappling with how industrial companies should operate along rivers. Local officials are shielding polluting companies and covering up environmental degradation, say environmentalists."
This is an excerpt from a story on a significant chemical spill in northern China (HERE).  This type of circumstance is increasingly becoming a concern to the global community.  The Chinese has used and abused their own territory to the extent that they have little choice but to reach out to the rest of the world for space and resources.  They are purchasing vast tracts of land across the globe to grow food and they are purchasing rights to resources to feed their machine.  Their own lands cannot support their current existence. Water.  Food.  Energy.  Essential to the continued growth of the Chinese people and their specific interests.  This is a train wreck in the making.  Watching and learning.


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