Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Global Village ~ And A Can of Coke (

The following is an excerpt from a piece detailing the 'creation' of a can of coke for sale in a grocery store in the US.  A perspective that many may not recognize for its complexity ~ over space and time.

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"The number of individuals who know how to make a can of Coke is zero. The number of individual nations that could produce a can of Coke is zero. This famously American product is not American at all. Invention and creation is something we are all in together. Modern tool chains are so long and complex that they bind us into one people and one planet. They are not only chains of tools, they are also chains of minds: local and foreign, ancient and modern, living and dead — the result of disparate invention and intelligence distributed over time and space. Coca-Cola did not teach the world to sing, no matter what its commercials suggest, yet every can of Coke contains humanity’s choir."

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