Friday, April 5, 2013

Canada Institute: UPDATE Keystone XL Pipeline

Canada Institute Public Policy Scholar Nik Nanos discusses a new Pew poll showing that 66% of Americans support KXL. The poll indicates broad support for the pipeline, but mixed views on fracking. That support was less than evident when President Obama visited California for a fundraiser at the home of anti-KXL billionaire Thomas Steyer; anti-pipeline protestors were present along the president’s motorcade route. Farmers in Montana are concerned about the effects that the pipeline will have on their crops. Thomas Homer-Dixon took to the pages of the NY Times to voice his concerns about KXL from a Canadian perspective. Deborah Yedlin of the Calgary Herald pushed back on some of the facts used in the Homer-Dixon piece. Former NASA scientist James Hansen and founder Bill McKibben echoed these concerns in the LA Times and The Nation, respectively. Not to be outdone, the National Review’s Charles Cook did a feature piece on the oil sands. Meanwhile, the CCEMC has proposed a research program to find an end use for carbon.

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