Monday, July 28, 2014

Grassy Narrows, Methyl-Mercury, and Minimata Disease

I first read (and wrote) about this problem in my final year of undergraduate work (1979-80).  I wrote an essay for Environmental Physiology that looked at the origin of 'Minimata disease' and the circumstances at the Grassy Narrows and Whitedog native reserves.  Caustic soda production upstream lead to severe mercurcy poisoning, similar to effects seen in Minimata District of Japan.   35 years later, this problem, while improving, remains a significant challenge for the local residents.

A Condensed Version of Report 1986-2001

Full 2010 Report (English) 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Northern communities benefit from northern BC development interests (NNSL Subscription)

Nexen using river to supply northern B.C. oil and gas project

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fort Liard is in its third summer of being an important barging hub for an oil and gas company with interests in northern B.C. 
NNSL photo/graphic

For the third consecutive summer Nexen is using Fort Liard as a hub to barge supplies to its North Liard project area in northern B.C. The company expects to send approximately 50 barge trips from Fort Liard during this barging season, which should last until late September. - photo courtesy of Nexen

Nexen is drilling exploration wells for natural gas in its North Liard project area that is located approximately 60 kilometres south of Fort Liard. 

During the winter, the company supplies the project using a winter road that runs 59 kilometres from Highway 77 to an ice crossing over the Liard River and then 18.5 kilometres farther to its main camp. That isn't an option during the rest of the year.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

ConocoPhillips Surmont 3 In-Situ EIA

The ConocoPhillips - Surmont 3 In-Situ project has been in planning for many years.  The work to complete the EIA similarly takes considerable time.  The requirements for a 'complete' application are continually evolving and ongoing discussions with regulators is an important task in navigating these processes.  With the posting of documents to a public registry, now we can look at what the people did to complete their work to this stage of the process.  I always find it extremely instructive to review the submissions of other projects by other companies.  It is always good to have both the perspective of the government agencies (Terms of Reference) and their proponents (EIA/EIS).  These links lead to a projects EA subsite and links directly to different aspects of the submission including baseline reports and project operation/construction documents.  The Project documents are viewable at the ESRD and AER websites.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Renard Diamond Project receives Final Investment Decision (FID)

CEAA Reference number: 55169
CEAA Federal Responsible Authorities: Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada
Proponent: Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Environmental Assessment Commenced: 2011-06-03
Environmental Assessment Type: Transitional Comprehensive Study
Status: Environmental assessment completed

Latest Update - August 2, 2013 – The Decision of Responsible Authorities has been taken.

About the Project
Projects that were undergoing a comprehensive study at the time the provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 came into force will continue to follow the requirements of the former Act. Under the former Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is responsible for conducting the comprehensive study of this project.

Stornoway Diamond Corporation is proposing the development of a diamond on its Foxtrot property in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec. The proposed project involves the development of the mine and local infrastructure, such as open pits, shafts, mine adits, a mill, kimberlite tailings impoundments, an explosives building, a facility for the extraction of ground water, housing complex, an airstrip and associated facilities.

This document consists of a summary of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the Renard Diamond Project on the Foxtrot property in the municipality of James Bay in north-central Qu├ębec.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CERI: Canadian Oil Sands Supply Costs and Development Projects (2014-2048)

Each year the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) publishes its long-term outlook for Canadian oil sands production and supply in conjunction with an examination of oil sands supply costs. This is the ninth annual edition of CERI’s oil sands supply cost and development projects update report. Similar to past editions of the report, several scenarios for oil sands developments are explored. In addition, given the assumptions for the current cost structure, an outlook for future supply costs are provided.

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