Monday, July 21, 2014

Renard Diamond Project receives Final Investment Decision (FID)

CEAA Reference number: 55169
CEAA Federal Responsible Authorities: Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada
Proponent: Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Environmental Assessment Commenced: 2011-06-03
Environmental Assessment Type: Transitional Comprehensive Study
Status: Environmental assessment completed

Latest Update - August 2, 2013 – The Decision of Responsible Authorities has been taken.

About the Project
Projects that were undergoing a comprehensive study at the time the provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 came into force will continue to follow the requirements of the former Act. Under the former Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is responsible for conducting the comprehensive study of this project.

Stornoway Diamond Corporation is proposing the development of a diamond on its Foxtrot property in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec. The proposed project involves the development of the mine and local infrastructure, such as open pits, shafts, mine adits, a mill, kimberlite tailings impoundments, an explosives building, a facility for the extraction of ground water, housing complex, an airstrip and associated facilities.

This document consists of a summary of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the Renard Diamond Project on the Foxtrot property in the municipality of James Bay in north-central Qu├ębec.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

CERI: Canadian Oil Sands Supply Costs and Development Projects (2014-2048)

Each year the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) publishes its long-term outlook for Canadian oil sands production and supply in conjunction with an examination of oil sands supply costs. This is the ninth annual edition of CERI’s oil sands supply cost and development projects update report. Similar to past editions of the report, several scenarios for oil sands developments are explored. In addition, given the assumptions for the current cost structure, an outlook for future supply costs are provided.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

MUST READ ~ Naked Capitalism & STRATFOR: Reflections on an Unforgiving Day

Reflections on an Unforgiving Day Stratfor. Paul Tioxon:

On days like this, it is not the meltdown on Wall St or some other critical financial exchange that stops the world. It is that very old power of the warrior society within society that stops the world in its tracks and demands attention. The Stratfor piece is remarkable in its lack of speculation, lack of a rush to judgement, and a revealing pause to empathize with those people in other parts of the world who now know what it is like when violence, military violence of the most devastating order reaches out grabs and you by the throat. And even if you survive, you never forget the choking sense of death, your death, can happen on any ordinary day. And on a scale that includes your family, your community and your whole country. And we have witnessed such a day where the military power of nations is unleashed on civil society, for whatever reason, in several places, in escalating scope. FULL Naked Capitalism Links HERE



Reflections on an Unforgiving Day

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We ate breakfast to the news that an airliner had crashed in Ukraine. We had lunch to the news that Israel had invaded Gaza. An airliner crashing is perhaps more impactful than an invasion. We have all wondered, when we hear of a crash, or even in quiet moments on board an aircraft ourselves, what living our final moments in a plane plunging to earth, knowing that we will die, would be like. An invasion is harder for some of us to empathize with. Most of us have never invaded a country nor been in a country while it was invaded. But it shares this much with a plane crash: Your life is in danger, and your fate is out of your hands.