Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GNWT + Canada Final Response to JRP Report - Mackenzie Gas Project (Permafrost News)

Canadian and NWT governments release the final response to the JRP's report for the MGP

News Release

November 15, 2010 - OTTAWA - The governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories released their final response to the Joint Review Panel's (JRP) report on the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP), entitled Foundation for a Sustainable Northern Future. The response outlines how the governments will ensure that appropriate mitigation measures are in place to respond to environmental, social, cultural and economic issues.

"An unprecedented level of public consultation was undertaken prior to finalizing the governments' response which highlights our commitment to implementing the appropriate mitigation measures to protect the environment and address the social, cultural and economic impacts associated with the proposed project. Should the MGP proceed it will do so within a responsible environmental stewardship framework," said Canada's Environment Minister, John Baird.

"Should the MGP proceed, the Government of the Northwest Territories is confident it will provide tangible benefits for the residents of the Northwest Territories and that the environmental and socio-economic impacts will be minimized. Our government continues to support a balanced approach to the development of all sectors of our economy in a way that is sustainable over time," said Minister J. Michael Miltenberger, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources for the Northwest Territories.

Overall, the governments accept or have accepted the intent of a vast majority of the recommendations directed toward them. In most cases where a recommendation is not accepted, it is because the recommendation is determined to be outside the scope of the JRP's mandate.

Both governments are of the view that the response is in keeping with the overall objectives of the JRP's recommendations and have concluded that its implementation would eliminate or mitigate any potential adverse impacts associated with the MGP.

The MGP is a private-sector initiative and a decision to proceed will be based upon the proponents' assessment of the risks and rewards associated with this project.

The response is posted on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website, at http://www.ceaa.gc.ca/default.asp?lang=En&n=71B5E4CF-1. The National Energy Board will consider the response prior to issuing its 'reasons for decision' regarding the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, which is a licence to the consortium.

The governments' response can also be accessed through links from the Mackenzie Gas Project Office website. 

MGP Final Response

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