Friday, November 12, 2010

New Alberta Parks Act

  1. Conservation groups say bill reduces protection of Alberta parks

    Vancouver Sun - Keith Gerein - 2 hours ago
    15-20 as Save Our Parks Week in an effort to draw attention to Bill 29... The proposed Alberta Parks Act will shrink the current parks classification ...
  2. Conservation groups want Bill 29 delayed - 3 hours ago
    A coalition of conservation groups is issuing a call-to-arms, over Bill 29, proposed changes to theAlberta Parks Act. They want Albertans to call their MLA ...

Government of Alberta
News Release

November 4, 2010
New Parks Act balances conservation and recreation

The government is updating the legislation that guides the management of the Alberta parks system. The new legislation balances conservation and recreation goals, and will help to make it easier for Albertans to understand what kinds of activities are allowed in parks. 

“Last year, in the Plan for Parks, we made a commitment to update parks legislation,” said Cindy Ady, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. “Bill 29, the Alberta Parks Act, reaffirms that parks will remain a key tool in ensuring that our province’s unique natural heritage will continue to be protected while also providing Albertans with access to ample outdoor recreation opportunities.”

Aligned with Alberta’s Plan for Parks and Land-use Framework, the proposed legislation will simplify the parks classification system into two categories, provincial parks and heritage rangelands. Subsequent zoning in provincial parks will specify how visitors use various areas of each park, whether for conservation, recreation or a combination of both.
“There are nearly 500 sites in the Alberta parks system,” Ady added. “The proposed classification and zoning will make it easier for visitors to understand what they can do in each park. Our intent is to maintain existing levels of protection and recreational access across the province.”
Zones in provincial parks would be established based on the conservation and recreation value of the land as well as current practice, and on input from additional consultation next year.
Bill 29 introduces mandatory advance public notice of changes to provincial parks and heritage rangelands.  The legislation also allows for the creation of a Parks Advisory Council and a Parks Conservation Foundation, fulfilling commitments in the Plan for Parks to provide new ways for Albertans to become involved in the parks system. The plan was developed based on input from Albertans.
This is the first comprehensive review of parks legislation since 1983. Bill 29 will consolidate and modernize three pieces of parks legislation, the Provincial Parks Act, the Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas, and Heritage Rangelands Act, and the Black Creek Heritage Rangeland Trails Actinto one simplified ActThe Willmore Wilderness Park Act is not included.
Media inquiries may be directed to:
Camille Weleschuk
Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.

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