Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Talk of Natural Gas's Positive Outlook and Future (Calgary Herald)

You know a trend is in the making when you start receiving invitations to multiple conferences on a subject. Five years ago a barrage of oil sands symposiums emerged, then a few years later there was American shale gas. Tit for tat amidst all the new fossil fuel supply options were gatherings on the carbon economy, cap and trade, and renewable energy.  Eventually, the conference buzz surrounding a subject dies down, either because the trend becomes part of mainstream thinking, or because the whole thing fizzles. I’m sure more than a few of us can shred old notes from all-day sessions on Arctic gas.

Of late, the conference circuit is signaling a new megatrend: international shale gas. Invitations to attend events in Europe, Asia, Australia, and just about anywhere except price-depressed North America, are popping up in email inboxes. Those in the natural gas business have surmised that the shale revolution would eventually proliferate around the globe; now it’s starting to happen. And if North America is even a small proxy for the rest of the world, the implications will be quite profound.


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