Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Swan Capital | The Street's New Recruits

It used to be we only had bulls, bears, bucket shops, manipulators (aka specialists), syndicates (aka manipulators), sheep, wolves, tipsters, and an assorted array of those fond of larceny occupying Wall Street; in short, the embodiment of what Goldman Sachs built its reputation upon.  Now, we have to add nut jobs, socialists, Marxist, Communists (yes you Van Jones; ex-Green Jobs Advisor of the Obama administration: I'm talking about you), movie stars (sorry, I said nut jobs and socialists and communists already), the clueless, union members (again, sorry for the redundancy), the self-righteous, idealists, kids who hate school and Cramer (very scary I know).  Wow!  In short, everyone loves the Street now. 

Why is this important?  It is important for a lot of different reasons, I guess, depending on where you sit or stand.  But I think it is important as ...

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