Monday, October 17, 2011

The InterConnectedness of the Internet (The Atlantic)

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The strange but true story of a forest-dwelling man whose
words wound up on a protest sign 3,000 miles from his home

How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet

OCT 17 2011, 8:01 AM ET 11

Browsing the Web just now, I had a surprising experience that could only occur in this era of political protest. Holed up in a redwood forest on the Northern California coast, the nearest McDonald's two hours away, I clicked through to some photos of Occupy Wall Street protestors in New York City, and saw that one of their signs displayed in big block letters 46 words that I wrote! They're being held aloft by an attractive 20-something blond woman I've never met before.

This is the story of how they got there -- or at least the small part of it I know, which is all that's required to see why it could only happen now, and how political engagement in America is changing.


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