Saturday, November 19, 2011

EROI - Norwegian Experience (The Oil Drum)

The Energy Return of Norwegian Oil and Gas Production

This is a guest post by Leena Grandell, an independent energy analyst from Norway. Her research summarized in this post was carried out in collaboration with Charles Hall from New York State University and Mikael Hook from Uppsala University, and published in the journal Sustainability.

Norway is one of the few petroleum producing countries where data on the production details is abundant and to a large degree public. Even statistical data on energy consumption of the petroleum industry is available on an annual basis – which allows us to take a closer look at the evolution of Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) for Norwegian petroleum production. The following text is a short version of our EROI analysis published through Sustainability. Here we assume that the reader is familiar with the EROI concept. More details and theoretical background can be found in the original article, downloadable at

EROI is a tool used in net energy analysis. EROI is a simple way to examine the quality of an energy resource. What really matters to our economies is the net energy flow (not the gross) provided by our energy sector and this can be estimated through the EROI approach. EROI is calculated from the following simple equation, although the devil is in the details:


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