Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing

"As the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources continues to grow we have upgraded our website to provide easier access to information about unconventional hydrocarbon resources. We now have a Society page that highlights all of the activities and initiatives that CSUR is working on. In addition we have a Technology Information page that provides a one stop location for finding out about Canada’s emerging unconventional hydrocarbon resources."
Fracing oil and gas reservoirs has been in practice since the early days of the business.  The applications are changing as reserves are located in more difficult to access formations.  The technical aspects of safely drilling and operating these wells fall to the BCOGC, ERCB, NEB, AENV, ASRD and a host of other regulatory bodies.

CSUR has posted an informative brochure of "Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing"

ERCB Directive 059 - Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing (revised September 2011)

BCOGC has recently issued a new Well Completion, Maintenance and Abandonment Guideline, dated October 2011

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