Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Latest UPDATES for Structured Finance (SCI)

Structured Finance

Forging ahead

The US ABS market continued its post-crisis recovery in 2011, achieving decent issuance despite some battering headwinds. Those same headwinds are expected to impact the market again in 2012, although issuance and performance should both remain stron...

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Facing a watershed

Next year is shaping up to be a watershed for credit derivatives in terms of regulatory change. But the market continues to face a number of challenges, not least of which is finalising the framework for central clearing. "2012 will be a watershed...

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Marginal rise in Trup default, deferral rate

New deferrals for US bank Trups CDOs declined again this past month while defaults rose slightly, leading to a marginal increase in the overall rate, according to Fitch's latest index results for the sector. Bank defaults for Trups CDOs rose by 0.0...

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Bank's RMBS rap from regulator

FINRA has fined Barclays Capital US$3m for misrepresenting delinquency data in connection with subprime RMBS it issued and also fined it for inadequate data supervision. In settling, Barclays has neither admitted nor denied the charges. Subprime RM...

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Keep on keeping on

At best, expectations for the US CMBS and CRE markets in 2012 are for more of the same - there appears to be little hope for a sudden upsurge in activity next year. However, there are some pockets of positivity and ultimately, it is argued,...

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