Monday, December 5, 2011

UPDATED: Little Drummer Boy - Winnipeg Teen Style (Sean Quigley and YouTube)

I listened to a radio interview with Charles Adler earlier this afternoon.  Charles guest was Sean Quigley, A Winnipeg native and a fellow quickly rocketing to YouTube fame.  The rapid rise in this video's views is nothing short of amazing.  Only until you see the video.  He played ALL the instruments.  Took ALL the video.  A supremely masterful effort and outcome.  Clean.  Slick.  Toe Tapping Fun Music with a message.  His start in music?  His dad was a drummer.  His inspiration?  the people around him in his life - you are the people you hang with.  And his message?  God has given him musical talent, and he intends to use it to make a difference.  What an amazing start to this journey.  At the time of this post, 199,000+ views and counting.

UPDATE 0800 Dec 5 - 352,000 ...

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