Sunday, December 4, 2011

Modern Film (Forge Motion Pictures)

I shot my first motion film when my dad asked me film the 1964 Olympics from the sideline - because I was only 5 - and they let me outside of the rope barrier.  My dad handed me the hand wind 8mm camera and that was it. Something about the course setters giving me a cup of hot chocolate as well.  Other memorable filming events include taking that same camera with me when I went to the Mackenzie Delta, NWT, and in my travels of Wood Buffalo National Park in the early 80's as a biologist (WBNP was recently made famous with this BBC clip that went viral).  I've always intended to have my material digitally copied.  Maybe someday I can post that footage.

Modern film making has advanced so dramatically in the last decades.  This promo clip from Forge Motion Pictures is awesome.

"We are a group of people for whom film is not a choice, its a mandate. We are of the Colorado Mountains. We aim only to connect emotionally with an audience. We defy conventions. We keep the process in house. We keep the team light, fast and agile. We use the best tools. We listen. We find the essence of the brand or subject. And we deliver more."

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