Friday, December 2, 2011

NEB: Trans-Mountain Pipeline Gains Approval

Proposed Northern Gateway and Existing Trans-Mountain pipelines

Trans Mountain Pipeline Gets NEB Approval on Firm Service Application

News Release
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1 December 2011
Trans Mountain Pipeline Gets NEB Approval on Firm Service Application
CALGARY - The National Energy Board (NEB or the Board) released its decision today to grant the application for Firm Service to the Westridge Marine Terminal (Westridge dock), submitted by Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC on behalf of Trans Mountain Pipeline, L.P. (Trans Mountain).
In its application, Trans Mountain asked the Board to approve Firm Service on the Trans Mountain pipeline system (Pipeline) in relation to a segment of the capacity to the Westridge Dock. The implementation of Firm Service involves a change of service that will impact a portion of the existing capacity, but it does not involve any new facilities, modifications to existing facilities or increases in the overall capacity of the Pipeline.
Trans Mountain also sought approval to collect and use the Firm Service Fee as a customer contribution, and of the associated reporting and investment of the Firm Service Fee. In addition, Trans Mountain requested that the Board approve certain Tariff amendments to implement Firm Service on the Pipeline.
Following theBoard’s approval of Firm Service on the Pipeline, land capacity will be equivalent to 35 000 m³/d (or 221 000 barrels per day (bpd)) while the Westridge dock capacity will increase to 12 600 m³/d (or 79 000 bpd). Of the total capacity for the Westridge dock, 8 600 m³/d (or 54 000 bpd) will be subject to firm commitments, as was determined through an Open Season process, with the remaining 4 000 m³/d (or 25 000 bpd) available for uncommitted volumes.

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