Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pembina Institute | That'll be British Pound Sterling, Please (TroyMEDIA)

Why does the Pembina Institute need foreign money to fight the oil sands?

The fact that the Pembina Institute relies on foreign money to fund their attacks makes it clear that it doesn't represent Canadians.

December 11, 2011
VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 11, 2011/ Troy Media/ - Care to guess how much money the Canadian government has spent funding groups to lobby the British government to shut down its 14 coal-fired power plants? If you guessed “not a cent,” you win.
Canadians are no less concerned about carbon emissions than British citizens are, but at least we understand that it’s not our business to go meddling in England’s environmental and industrial policies. It’s our business to focus on what’s happening in Canada and we surely expect our friends abroad to do the same. So why are environmental groups here getting British pounds to fund their anti-oil sands campaigns?
Pembina Institute’s oil sands position clear
The National Post recently revealed that the anti-oil sands Pembina Institute took $60,000 from the British government to produce a report “advocating a shift away from fossil fuel industries like the Alberta oil sands.” The Pembina Institute’s findings are hardly surprising. The Alberta-based group is well known for being “highly critical of oil sands development,” as the Post notes. It has “called for a moratorium on new projects” in the oil sands, devoting an entire section of its website to undermining efforts to expand production of the world’s largest ethical oil reserve. The British High Commission, which arranged the funding, could have discovered the Pembina’s anti-oil sands bias with just a few clicks.

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