Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cresting of a new wave by Google (Bloomberg)

This is an interesting story for me because I think it is somewhat prescient, giving us a window to what some aspects of the new world might look like - this one - direct interdisciplinary functionality between corporate operations and social media.  With many of our designed systems of management showing signs of aging and unable to keep up with the pace of development and execution in the internet world, a company like Google is front and center in showing us how it might be done.  I believe the reality is that the real breadth and depth to this functionality will lead to transformations in how business is done in ways we can't even imagine at this time.  

GOOG has traded in a quasi-narrowing wedge on the weekly chart with major trend lines leading to 2007 highs.  This upper trend line has been broken and is looking to test as resistance.  Breaking $612 provided a good entry to the recent high of $670 - a +9% move (1-Dec >>> 4-Jan).  Trading On.  Watching and Learning.

Google Wins Biggest Enterprise Deal as BBVA Reduces Costs


Google Inc. (GOOG) won its largest enterprise contract ever from Spanish bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA) as the owner of the world’s most popular Web search-engine tries to win business clients from Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)
About 110,000 employees in more than 26 countries at Spain’s second-largest lender will start using the Google Apps offering which includes e-mail service Gmail, time-management tool Calendar, data-storage service Docs and Website-creation program Sites, the companies said.
“We are confident we can have more and more larger companies from all over the world because of the benefits we are bringing,” Sebastien Marotte, Google Enterprise vice president for Europe, said in an interview in Madrid. BBVA picked Google over other systems because of a better price, security and experience in the market, said Carmen Lopez, director for BBVA’s Innovation Observatory.

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