Friday, January 6, 2012

Self Interest Above the Collective Interest | Will this put Santorum on the ropes? (Daily Beast)

 The stories of this nature are the ones that resonate deeply with me in terms of what is fundamentally wrong with modern western capitalist society.  The placement of personal, individual and self interests above all others is not always in the collective best interest of the broader society.  Of course, we can put in place regulation after legislation after punishment after whatever might be next or an alternate - the reality is, people, each and every individual with the responsibility of decisions on behalf of society, have to recognize the real consequence on their choices, and not just the short term short sighted self advancement of such actions.

QUID PRO QUOSantorum Has Lucrative TiesElise Amendola / AP Photo

Santorum Has Lucrative Ties

Rick Santorum lost his Senate seat in 2006, but before that, hesponsored at least two bills that won hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicare funding for Universal Health Services, a Pennsylvania-based hospital-management company with facilities in Puerto Rico. Within months of leaving the Senate, Santorum joined the company's board, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and stock options before resigning last year. That's just one of many businesses that had lucrative ties to Santorum, who built a career in the private sector with income from companies that returned the favor for his work in Congress, and his strong showing in Iowa is upping the scrutiny over his history.
January 6, 2012 6:15 AM

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