Saturday, February 18, 2012

Montana likes Canada (Flathead Beacon)

Counting on Canada
Emerging from recession, Flathead businesses capitalize on visitors from the north
Counting on Canada
Photo Illustration by Steve Larson

WHITEFISH – From Great Falls to the Flathead Valley, Canadians are flocking to northern Montana in search of lower prices for goods, entertainment and even housing, all at a favorable exchange rate. These visitors, riding high from an oil boom back home, are being welcomed with open arms by a Montana business community that’s still trying to emerge from the recession.

In the Flathead, nowhere is the influence of Canadian money more apparent than in Whitefish, where its ripple effect is seen throughout the economy, including the real estate market. Canadians are building and buying second homes in the Whitefish area, providing much of the momentum behind a market that is stabilizing quicker than in surrounding areas. Driving through town, don’t be surprised to see an occasional Canadian flag rippling in the wind. 

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