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Some of the 'other' stuff that Warren Mosler does very well (Autoblog)

Warren Mosler  is one of those unique individuals that has taken all that has come his way, naturally and gained through perseverance, and made a full and rich life - in more ways than many could ever imagine.  I find his 'Center of the Universe' blog most interesting, often well beyond my comprehension, but also often enough, a different perspective that I can appreciate.

Mosler MT900S Photon limited to one car per year

2012 Mosler MT900S Photon
Mosler MT900S PhotonMosler MT900S Photon
Posted Feb 21st 2012 11:30AM

Exclusive can be an overused word in the automotive industry, but if anyone can claim the description, it'sMosler. The Florida-based supercar manufacturer recently announced that it will be limiting production of its MT900S Photon supercar to a single unit for 2012. Having that sort of exclusivity comes at a cost, though, and the customer that decides to pick up Mosler's 2012 allocation will have to shell out upwards of $479,000.

So what's so special about the Mosler MT900S Photon? For starters, it's one of the lightest supercars on the market, weighing in at just under 1,130 kilograms thanks to a composite chassis and carbon fiber body panels. Motivation comes from a 7.0-litre V8 borrowed from Chevrolet tuned to deliver 535 horsepower, allowing the Mosler to reach 97 km/h in less than three seconds and a top speed of over 320 km/h. Despite having a design that's more than a decade old, the Mosler still looks somewhat modern (if kit-car like), particularly with in Proton guise that adds additional aerodynamic modications.

Hit the jump for the brief press release from Mosler Automotive, or have a look at the car in more detail in the gallery above.

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