Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hmmmm ... thinking about this ... (AP and BI)


"President Barack Obama said North Korea's failed rocket launch shows the country is wasting money on rockets that "don't work" while its people go hungry. "
Really? Food Stamps.  Homlessness.  Growing poor.  While different in scale and scope - this is a dangerous statement for the President to make in light of the backyard and hundreds of billions in defence spending - and I don't mean the Rose Garden of the White House.


"It doesn't look like a war zone, or even like a particularly rough New York City neighborhood. Many streets in New Delhi, the capital of one of the world's fastest-growing economies, look far more battered and far poorer."
A bus took a wrong turn and travelling journalists saw a piece of North Korea  they were not supposed to. In reflection of Obama's statement - the reference to 'rough New York neighbourhood' and New Delhi clearly demonstrate that the plight of citizens is not limted to North Korea and unwise spending practices there.

FULL BI (Business Insider) POST HERE

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