Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canada Institute: Arctic Energy (July 12, 2012)


In Search of Arctic Energy

July 12, 2012 // 9:00am — 12:00pm
European Studies
Program on America and the Global Economy
Environmental Change and Security Program
Kennan Institute

We would like to thank ExxonMobil Corporation for its contribution to In Search of Arctic Energy. 
Charles Emmerson, senior research fellow, Energy, Environment and Development Programme, Chatham House
Zachary Hamilla, principal Arctic analyst, Office of Naval Intelligence
Jed Hamilton, senior Arctic consultant, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
Robert Johnston, director, Eurasia Group
Julia Nanay, senior director, PFC Energy
and moderator
Jim Slutz, president and managing director, Global Energy Strategies LLC
As ice continues to melt in the Arctic, previously inaccessible and undiscovered resources are becoming available to the world. Driven by ever increasing energy demands, exploration of the Arctic has exploded in recent years. As the competition for these resources has increased, new partnerships and rivalries have begun to emerge at the Northern Pole. To discuss the expansion of Arctic activity, the Wilson Center will host an event focused on understanding the forces driving the increase in exploration. Our panel of Arctic oil and gas industry professionals will reveal what new techniques and technologies are allowing this unprecedented activity. In addition, Arctic experts will examine what nations can do to protect the environment, increase production, and ensure international cooperation.

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