Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Heart and Soul goes out to the Family

"If that's the job, then maybe a review of how the job is defined is necessary."

A quote from the Father of the young lady killed while cycling ~ this is such an incredibly heart wrenching story.  So many different perspectives ~ but really only one that truly matters.  This event is a display of what happens when all the wrong things happen at the same time ~ across multiple planes ~ a double digit standard deviation move away from the norm.

That outlier event.  The event that you don't plan for because the likelihood of it occurring is so small ~ it is considered ~ negligible.  That is negligible only until it happens.  And then the consequences.  Enormous, overwhelming, devastating, quite literally, there are few words that can describe the true depth of emotion associated with such an event.

My heart and soul goes to this family for their loss.  Your daughter's energy will persist.

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