Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Consumerist Culture and Gold Pricing (Commodity Online)

The text below are extracts from an Article entitled Consumerist Culture: One Deterrent of a Gold Standard.  I believe that gold has a place in a portfolio.  And the proportion is relative to your investing time horizon.    Beyond that, it becomes a personal choice that suits your risk tolerance and investment objectives.  The article focuses on relationships between growth and productivity.  Read the full post HERE

Over the past 32 years real US GDP has averaged 2.7% (CAGR). Over the same time frame the US population has grown by 1.1% on average.
For this reason we believe that humility is a necessity – there is considerable evidence to suggest that the impressive growth rates and productivity advances experienced over the past several decades have been temporarily boosted by the assumption of unprecedented quantities of debt, on a global level.” the bank report says.

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