Friday, September 28, 2012

Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Debacle (The International)

Enbridge's Great Northern Gateway Debacle
By Adam Kingsmith
Barnard Harbour in the Great Bear Rainforest- proposed pipeline territory
National support in Canada for the Northern Gateway Pipeline has dropped 7 per cent since the beginning of 2012. According to a recent Abacus Data poll, residents of British Columbia and Alberta are highly divided on the issue, 63 per cent of Albertans favor the project, while 56 per cent of British Columbians oppose its development.
Environmental politics in Canada regularly consists of these sorts of disagreements over resource development such as dams, oil sands, mining, salmon fishing, and old-growth forest clear-cutting. Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project is yet another page in this ongoing struggle between environmentalists and economists over biological assets.

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