Sunday, October 20, 2013

IN PHOTOS: A Most Fascinating Look at Early Humans (AAAS & Science Magazine)

To read more, see the news story and research article.

Dmanisi preserves the oldest human ancestors outside Africa. Many skeletons were found in ancient carnivore dens, the victims of now-extinct sabre tooth cats or giant cheetahs. [Courtesy of David Lordkipanidze]


The reconstructions show the ancient man's low forehead, small braincase and protruding jaws, all primitive traits. But he also had a flat, vertically-oriented upper face. This and other traits show that he was indeed a member of our genus, and one of our ancestors. The team concludes that he belongs in the species Homo erectus. [© Jay Matternes]

To read more, see the news story and research article.

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