Saturday, July 26, 2014

ConocoPhillips Surmont 3 In-Situ EIA

The ConocoPhillips - Surmont 3 In-Situ project has been in planning for many years.  The work to complete the EIA similarly takes considerable time.  The requirements for a 'complete' application are continually evolving and ongoing discussions with regulators is an important task in navigating these processes.  With the posting of documents to a public registry, now we can look at what the people did to complete their work to this stage of the process.  I always find it extremely instructive to review the submissions of other projects by other companies.  It is always good to have both the perspective of the government agencies (Terms of Reference) and their proponents (EIA/EIS).  These links lead to a projects EA subsite and links directly to different aspects of the submission including baseline reports and project operation/construction documents.  The Project documents are viewable at the ESRD and AER websites.


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