Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 10/21 is earmarked in next 28/29 week cycle (via Slope of Hope - Tim Knight)

Here is a Incredible 28/29 Week Cycle that Hits next Week on SPX:

http://www.screencast. com/users/chartwiz/folders/Jing/media/ba1b801e-f88c-4224-89a1-080ee981ee60
Posted: 6:02AM Nov 7, 2010
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Thx for the nice words everybody

The only reason why i Fooled around with the 28/29 cause i found alot of Hits on the Daily chart with 144, so i thought 144 by 5 =28.8 ish,, And then started looking for that Cycle on the weekly chart,,and was amazed with the Findings,

But of course it only means something if it means

And if we do start a Fall, is it a Pullback or the start of something Bigger ,?

Whats also incredible is that from the April high , 144 Trading days Hits around Nov,21 and from the July Low 144 Calender days hits around the same Time period,,,and of course Nov,21 was the low around the world back in 2008..

Lots of Vibrations here, give or take a Weeek ! 
Posted: 7:10AM Nov 7, 2010
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