Friday, November 19, 2010

WWF-Canada letter to NEB on Arctic offshore drilling review (via PermafrostNews)

 WWF-Canada letter to NEB on Arctic offshore drilling review 

November 18, 2010 

Anne-Marie Erickson 
Secretary of the Board 
National Energy Board 
444 Seventh Avenue S.W. 
Calgary, AB T2P 0X8 

Dear Ms. Erickson: 

Re: Arctic Offshore Drilling Review, NEB File: OF-EP-Gen-AODR 01 
WWF-Canada – Legal representation and timing of submissions 

I write on behalf of WWF-Canada, a participant in the Board’s Public Review of Arctic Safety and Environmental 
Offshore Drilling Requirements. 

First, please note WWF-Canada is now represented by legal counsel from Ecojustice Canada in this Review, namely by myself and by Will Amos. This results in three contacts for WWF-Canada, and please include all three of us in email distributions of information related to the Review: 

• Rob Powell (contact info above). 
• Keith Ferguson (contact info above). 
• Will Amos (email, phone (613) 562 5800 ext. 3378). 

Second, with regard to the Board’s letter of October 27, 2010, please be advised that WWFCanada does intend to make suggestions by the end of November as to information the Board might seek from experts and consultants that it retains. 

Third, with regard to the Board’s September 30, 2010 first Call for Information (CFI #1), WWF-Canada requests an extension of time to make a full response to CFI #1 until after the investigation reports on the Macondo and Montara blowouts are released and we have had time to study them. Please be advised, however, that WWF-Canada does intend to make some preliminary submissions of relevance to CFI #1 by the end of November, but only to the extent necessary to support its suggestions on information the Board might seek from experts and consultants. 

As for timing for a full response to CFI #1, we note that some industry participants (CAPP, IORVL and Chevron Canada) have requested an extension to April 1, 2011. WWF-Canada requests the same extension. 

Yours sincerely, 
Keith Ferguson 
Counsel, representing WWF-Canada

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