Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Swan Capital | Speaking of the Euro, Here's Something Interesting

I remember one of the underlying assumptions put forth during a financial newsletter copywriting course I attended:

The audience may not even care about your trading recommendations (success or failure); they just want information they can share at a cocktail party that will make them sound interesting.

Between you and me, it would probably be cheaper to drink Dos Equis. But if you're not a fan of beer and you're itching for something to talk about as we enter the season of holiday parties and get-togethers, consider this ...

The euro is going to parity.

More specifically, before the eurozone economic and financial woes are resolved, the euro will have fallen to equal value against the US dollar, if not further. And if someone tells you you're wrong about that, just punch them in the face (they'll have the urge to thank you, eventually.) And if someone asks you why the euro will fall to par, just tell them BLACKSWAN said so. (Also tell them that Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel).

So here is your new ice-breaker ...

I don't always read financial newsletters, but when I do ... I prefer BLACKSWAN.

We issued a euro report back in 2009 hinting at the coming destruction of the Economic & Monetary Union via the common currency. Then in March of 2010 we updated that report with additional predictions.

Those predictions are unfolding ...

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