Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Burger King and the Good Things in Your Day

Not A Real Coupon - Illustrative Purposes ONLY

The radio blared a Burger King commercial this morning that got me thinking about a favorite topic.  Advertising.  And how I believe it is misused.  My favorite ones include the furnace company that says buying their furnace will mean you get to go on vacation more often.  Then there's the gasoline company that says by buying their gas you can drive the biggest honking RV (with an indoor pool) you want because of all the money you will save.  While one certainly can follow a thread of discussion from point A to point B in these 'arguments' - I would not be putting a lot of weight on my annual savings generated by the two examples above as being sufficient to 'fund' vacations or honking big ass RVs.  But these commercials genuinely put these 'arguments' forward with an expectation this message will sway people to support their products.

And Burger King.  They tell you that good things don't come along very often in your day, so, why not make some choices that 'bring' good into your day.  Now isn't it all just a matter of perspective?  For the fellow that regularly dines on Ruth Chris' steaks or Maine Lobster, a Burger King meal is hardly going to be the highlight of their day.  Conversely, the homeless person would feel like they had died and gone to heaven chowing down on the King.  

As with so much in our lives - it is truly all about perspective.  As long as you assign value to the selection of your choice, then the 'value' = 'good' can come solely from the choices you make.  This requires two predecessors - an awareness of your values, and the ability to align your values with what is 'good' for you.

So for the person that values chowing down on the King, they will generate a 'good' moment.  Simply by making such a choice they have taken over the active role in generating their own 'good' moments.  In reality, this commercial reminds us that the choices you make are an expression of what you value.

For me, choosing to have Burger King would not necessarily generate a good thing in my day.  It would more likely mean that I am rushing and make such a selection by default on time and place.  However, with awareness, many other opportunities lie ahead to generate good things as part of each and every day.  It's purely in the choices you make.

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