Sunday, January 8, 2012

This is SO Canadian, and SO Perfect (RMR)

Rich Mercer has been in the comedic and political satire business for a couple of decades.  I'm sure he would have a most colourful and humorous perspective on that.  This episode of the Mercer Report (click HERE) follows in the tracks of some wildlife biologists as they conduct their early spring black bear den surveys in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.  I have listed some of my favorite observations from this clip that I guess I believe to be so Canadian - in style, humour, and execution - and myself being Canadian - I love it!  I grew up not that far from Algonquin and spent a limited amount of time in the Park.  Northern Ontario offers some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities anywhere in the world.

I'll bet the people that participated in that day with all the trappings of a TV show taping will remember it as one of the highlights in their careers.  Rick is so sharp and witty, and well, just straight funny.  Additional accolades to this clip for three cute little black bears - there isn't anything much cuter.

  • 35 packs of wolves - there's one - call Farley Mowat.
  • Moose and a calf.
  • The bear guy.
  • Traditional Wood Ojibwe style snowshoes.
  • Canadian Tire aluminium snow shovel.
  • The Jab stick - a real technical operation here.
  • Three cubs - Count the Heads.
  • Pull on the Bear's ear.
  • Is that the cutest thing ever?
  • Can I name them?
  • Danny Williams in the screaming one.
  • A government issue radio collar for all the ministers.
  • Are Canadian bears the only ones with universal healthcare?
  • New Collar - same as last year, but this years carries way more songs.
  • I can see why magicians work with Rabbits.
  • That was an incredible day - we came, we saw, we protected a species.  Sssshhhhhhhh.

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