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Naked Capitalism: Ian Fraser ~ The financial system has gone completely off the rails

Ian Fraser: Victoria Chick — “The financial system has gone completely off the rails”

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Lambert here: Nice to see an organization sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales calling for financial criminals to be prosecuted. Catch FASB doing that. And here’s who Victoria Chick is. I wish she’d come over here and smack the weasels at Justice around.
By Ian Fraser, a financial journalist who blogs at his web site and at qfinance. His Twitter is @ian_fraser. Originally published at his website
This short film, Transforming Finance, features some of my all time financial heroes including John Kay, Andy Haldane, Victoria Chick, Richard Werner, Catherine Howarth and Giles Andrew
Where did the finance and banking sector go wrong … and what can we do to fix it?
Transforming Finance, a 23-minute documentary film produced by the Finance Innovation Lab, features interviews with a number of the most prominent advocates of change in the world of finance.
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